Articles in press


This issue is in progress. It contains the manuscript accepted for publication, presented here for the purposes of rapid dissemination. Articles in Press are fully citable, but have not been formally published. Some editorial changes may occur between this version and the final online publication. When the final online version appears, the paper will no longer appear in the Articles in Press index.


Articles in Press

L.V. Pinheiro, A.C. Zózimo, C.J.E.M. Fortes

New developments in the Praia da Vitória Coastal Bay and Harbor Early Warning System

Published online: June 10, 2024

G. Barbaro, G. Foti, F. Minniti, I. Pavone, M. Campolo, L. Mollica and M. Folino Gallo

Tsunami risk assessment and mapping. Case study: Calabria (Italy)

Published online: June 10, 2024

R. Capitão, R. Lemos, C.J.E.M. Fortes and R. Jónatas

An assessment of 3D scanning methods in physical models

Published online: June 10, 2024

F. Pasanisi, J.P. Pimenta, M. Silva, M. Olivera, J. Walker and F. Ciardulli

Optimization of Design Solutions for Enhanced Water Renewal in Enclosed Basins. A Case Study from the U.A.E.

Published online: June 10, 2024