Coastal and Offshore
Science and Engineering


Anno I – 2 /2022


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Numerical study of Core-LocTM breakwater stability under storm wave sea states using a fast wave proxy approach

Jiansheng Xiang, John-Paul Latham, Pablo Higuera

Modeling passive tracers in the marine environment with high performance heterogeneous and hierarchical computing

D. Di Luccio, C. G. De Vita, G. Mellone, Enrico Zambianchi, and R. Montella

A new approach for wave chronology analysis and hindcast wave series synthesis

S. T. Canelas, F. Sancho, and A. Trigo-Teixeira

Performance of a nourished sand beach in the upper Gulf of Thailand

Jirat Laksanalamai and Nobuhisa Kobayashi

Prediction of Consolidated Sand Dune Erosion by Waves

E. Leone, N. Kobayashi, F. D’Alessandro and G.R. Tomasicchio

Mapping and classification of ports and marinas for the definition of long-term development strategy

P. Fischione, V. Gianforte, D. Celli, D. Di Ludovico, I. Di Tria, A. Antonacci, M. Mali and M. Di Risio