Coastal and Offshore
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Anno I – 1 /2022


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Numerical modeling of revetment and sill in reducing shore erosion

Z. T. Yuksel, and N. Kobayashi

Anomalous dispersion in weakly dissipative tidal channels

A. De Leo, N. Tambroni and A. Stocchino

Protected vs Non-Protected Marine Areas: A comparison of benthic macrofauna communities in seagrass beds of Abu Dhabi coastal waters, UAE

Maitha Al Hameli and Waleed Hamza

Wave resource assessment and climate change impacts in Reunion and Mauritius

Bahareh Kamranzad, Kaoru Takara, Jessie Louisor and Nicolas Guillou

Historical overview of the structural integrity of Concrete Armour Units

G. Scaravaglione, J.-P. Latham, J. Xiang, A. Francone, G. R. Tomasicchio

A numerical investigation on the occurrence of the typhoon-triggered density currents of the 2008-flood event

Andhy Romdani, Sheng-De Tsai, Wei-Zhan Tsai, Yu-Chi Lin, Jia-Lin Chen